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At a very young age, Acrylic and Oil were my artistic mediums of choice. Using these mediums, gave way to opportunities to produce other people’s ideas for art that they were unable to do for themselves.

Less than 10 years ago, Photography came into my life and became a medium which forced further artistic knowledge to develop. This gift has allowed limitless enjoyment of our environment, as well as, what Mother Nature has to offer us. Photography is my answer to simplicity. Ghost towns, rural communities and rusty objects actually have boundless beauty and historic importance. I hope when others view my art, they see a similar beauty in these areas and objects. I see a world of immeasurable beauty and history through my viewfinder.

By photographing many types of animals, it inspired me to have a greater empathy of how animals might feel about our movements in their environment. I want my art to help others understand also.

With photography “The beauty of the world is my palate”.


Deborah was born and raised in the Washington D. C. area.

From Childhood, she’s been blessed with having many animals in her life, which guided her to a lifetime career within the animal world.

After getting married she moved to the southwest, and like many artists, experimented with art in spare time. Presently she lives in the Northwest traveling between Montana and Wyoming regularly.

Recently, after selling her last business, customers and close friends convinced her that it was time to take her art drive seriously. As of yet, she has no formal Art training.

Deborah enjoys the simple things in life, travel, spending time with animals, and exploring all within her reach. She hopes that her art can give emotions and pleasing connections with people who see it.

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